Wreck it Every Day

Many of us struggle on a daily basis to find the will to succeed.  Life has a way of knocking us down and then continuing to throw dirty blows after the whistle has been blown.  The average American wrestles with weight issues that has a deep impact on one’s self worth and confidence.  This is a problem fueled by a society hell bent on instant gratification, a constant need for approval, and massive misinformation from the food industry.  Our bodies are not meant to consume the amounts, as well as the types, of foods we ingest.  Our bodies are not meant to sit in a chair/couch for eight hours a day.  Our bodies are not meant to waste away.

We are meant for so much more.  We deserve greatness.  There are a multitude of ways to break free from the cycle of bad habits.  We all have the ability to take back our body’s true potential and unlock a life that is truly satisfying, rewarding, and enjoyable.  In this life, the only competition you have is the you from yesterday.  Break out of the cycle of self pity, depression, and excuses.  Successful people don’t make excuses, they take responsibility.  A successful person says, “I messed up today.  It’s on me.  Tomorrow, I will attack the process and do the best that I can.”  DO NOT get swamped by failure.  Failure is the most amazing learning experience you can ever have.  It teaches you how NOT to do something, shows you where to improve, and helps to humble you.  Failure is a stepping stone on the road to your success.  Embrace that shit!  It is a beautiful feeling to learn from the times you fall short and use that knowledge to ultimately reach your goal.


I can’t appreciate everything awesome in my life without knowing how I felt at my lowest points.  When things are going south for me, I remember shaking from opiate withdrawals on my living room couch, covered in sweat, aching deep in my bones, and caught in a completely hopeless cycle of drug dependency.  I remember stealing from my family, going through every medicine cabinet I could find looking for a “may cause drowsiness” label, and making my girlfriend breakdown on a daily basis.  These memories of my closet skeletons provide me with the perspective I need to snap out of anger, depression, or a good ole fashioned pity party.  I realize that it really isn’t that bad and that someone out there is killing it with more problems then I have.

I challenge you to ask yourself if your life is truly “that bad”?  Are there things in your life that make living worth the struggle?  Can you put one foot down in front of the other and walk through the difficulties life is throwing at you?  I think you will come to realize that you’re not made of glass and you can handle way more then you give yourself credit for.  Pain is temporary.  Put a band aid on your mentality and get to work.  Action is the antithesis of fear and the more you go for what you want, the faster your fears will fade away.  Do better then you did the day before.  Get up and Wreck It.  Every.  Single.  Day.

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