You Will Not Out Work Me

This is the mentality we must adopt in order to find the potential we all have locked inside.  Each person has a Lion locked within his or her soul that is begging to be freed and fed.  There is a resolve, a passion, a ferocity, and a drive that will carry us through any obstacle placed in our way.  It is the heat that rises up the back of your neck when someone says you can’t do something.  It is the burn in your lungs after a hard workout or a long run.  It is the the feeling of complete elation after you accomplish the impossible.  It is the feeling of life rushing through your body.  Release your Lion.  Let the Beast Eat!

“You might be smarter than me.  You might come from privilege. You might have more talent than I do.  But you will NOT out work me!”

– Eric Thomas-

Be determined, motivated and empowered to reach whatever goal you have chosen.  Do Not be outworked.  Do Not compare yourself to others.  You are better than you give yourself credit for.  Let your unflinching work ethic speak for itself.  Life will not be a cake walk.  There will be times of extreme discomfort.  You will be faced with seemingly immovable obstacles and the walls of life will close in to choke your resolve.  Hard decisions will need to be made, sacrifices must be taken, and your will to continue will be tested.  It is forward or fall.  Life or death.  Happiness or despair.  We all have a choice in this wonderful life of ours.  Your work ethic must be an unrelenting monster.  Never allow someone or something to beat you because you didn’t prepare enough, work hard enough, or fight with everything you possess.


We all have one shot to live the life we believe we can.  If you have a dream and it is hard to make that dream a reality, good.  Rise to the challenge.  No matter what, DON’T EVER QUIT.  Never, ever give up on what it is you want out of life.  Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want, decide on a plan of action, and move forward every day.  When you get knocked down, get back up.  If the day is going bad, be thankful you’re alive and make an adjustment.  Keep your hands up and fight until the bell rings.  Whenever you are afraid of something and that crippling fear starts to constrict your drive, do something.  Anything!

Action is the cure for fear.  Once you take action, your brain has to focus on the task at hand and there will be no time to think about how scared you are.

If you prepare properly, work diligently, act accordingly, push ferociously, and never give up, there is literally no limit to the things you can achieve.  Don’t let the world beat you because you didn’t give it your very best.  Hold yourself to the highest standard you can and work your ass off to meet it.

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