Weekend Workout 4/22/16


We are proud to have partnered with WOD-RX to bring you this weeks Wreck It Weekend Challenge!  Check out their Facebook page and their stores for some sweet workout equipment, apparel, and gear.  They are genuinely in it to help others reach their potential and Wreckognize is honored to be associated with such an awesome local company!


The Boss:

the boss

30 Burpees

100 sit ups

30 Squat Jumps

60 Squats

60 Push ups

60 Lunge Twists

150 Jump Ropes


The Sam Jackson:


45 Burpees

200 sit ups

45 Squat Jumps

90 Squats

90 Push ups

90 Lunge Twists

250 Jump Ropes


The Leo:


60 Burpees

300 sit ups

60 Squat Jumps

120 Squats

120 Push ups

120 Lunge Twists

400 Jump Ropes


These will be painful.  Challenge yourself and find the real Grit you have underneath.  Wreck It!
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