Wreck It Weekend WOD 10/21/16

Prepare for arm action overload!  Every now and then its fun to work out the glamour muscles.  This workout is great to pepper in from time to time.  Take a break from the burpees and pick up a dumbbell!  Brought to you by WOD-RX.


The Carl Weathers


40 Hammer Curls

40 Standing Curls

40 Incline Curls

40 One Arm Preacher Curls

40 Triceps Kickback

40 Overhead Extensions

40 Lying Skull Crushers

40 Dips


The Ronnie Coleman


60 Hammer Curls

60 Standing Curls

60 Incline Curls

60 One Arm Preacher Curls

60 Triceps Kickback

60 Overhead Extensions

60 Lying Skull Crushers

60 Dips


The Arnold Swarzenegger


80 Hammer Curls

80 Standing Curls

80 Incline Curls

80 One Arm Preacher Curls

80 Triceps Kickback

80 Overhead Extensions

80 Lying Skull Crushers

80 Dips



Wreck It Weekend WOD 10/14/2016

Enjoy this weeks WOD, inspired by the new Gears of War 4!  Get ready for a sweat session that will prepare you for anything thrown your way.  Brought to you by the awesome folks at WOD-RX.


The Kait Diaz:


10 – 6 second sprints

20 Burpees

30 Leap Frogs

40 Reverse Lunges

50 Push ups

60 Side to Side Jumps

70 Jumping Jacks

80 Dips

90 Squats

100 second Plank


The JD Fenix:


10 – 7 second sprints

20 High Knees

30 Burpees

40 Leap Frogs

50 Reverse Lunges

60 Push ups

70 Side to Side Jumps

80 Jumping Jacks

90 Dips

100 Squats

110 second Plank


The Marcus Fenix:


10 – 8 second sprints

20 Pull ups

30 High Knees

40 Burpees

50 Leap Frogs

60 Reverse Lunges

70 Push ups

80 Side to Side Jumps

90 Jumping Jacks

100 Dips

110 Squats

120 second Plank



Wreck It Weekend WOD 10/7/16

We hope you had a great week of consistent growth, achievement, and happiness.  All you will need to get this solid torch session under way is a set of dumbbells.  Your shoulders will be screaming when your done!   This is a great way to hit all sides of your shoulders and feel free to pepper this in to your routine for added muscle burnout.  Brought to you by WOD-RX. 



The T-Rex:


3 Rounds:

10 Side Raises

10 Front Raises

10 Bent Side Raises

10 Upright Rows

10 Standing Shoulder Press

10 Shrugs


The Raptor:


3 Rounds:

15 Side Raises

15 Front Raises

15 Bent Side Raises

15 Upright Rows

15 Standing Shoulder Press

15 Shrugs


The ShoulderSaurus:


3 Rounds:

20 Side Raises

20 Front Raises

20 Bent Side Raises

20 Upright Rows

20 Standing Shoulder Press

20 Shrugs