Wreck It Weekend WOD 10/7/16

We hope you had a great week of consistent growth, achievement, and happiness.  All you will need to get this solid torch session under way is a set of dumbbells.  Your shoulders will be screaming when your done!   This is a great way to hit all sides of your shoulders and feel free to pepper this in to your routine for added muscle burnout.  Brought to you by WOD-RX. 



The T-Rex:


3 Rounds:

10 Side Raises

10 Front Raises

10 Bent Side Raises

10 Upright Rows

10 Standing Shoulder Press

10 Shrugs


The Raptor:


3 Rounds:

15 Side Raises

15 Front Raises

15 Bent Side Raises

15 Upright Rows

15 Standing Shoulder Press

15 Shrugs


The ShoulderSaurus:


3 Rounds:

20 Side Raises

20 Front Raises

20 Bent Side Raises

20 Upright Rows

20 Standing Shoulder Press

20 Shrugs

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