Wreck It Weekend WOD 10/21/16

Prepare for arm action overload!  Every now and then its fun to work out the glamour muscles.  This workout is great to pepper in from time to time.  Take a break from the burpees and pick up a dumbbell!  Brought to you by WOD-RX.


The Carl Weathers


40 Hammer Curls

40 Standing Curls

40 Incline Curls

40 One Arm Preacher Curls

40 Triceps Kickback

40 Overhead Extensions

40 Lying Skull Crushers

40 Dips


The Ronnie Coleman


60 Hammer Curls

60 Standing Curls

60 Incline Curls

60 One Arm Preacher Curls

60 Triceps Kickback

60 Overhead Extensions

60 Lying Skull Crushers

60 Dips


The Arnold Swarzenegger


80 Hammer Curls

80 Standing Curls

80 Incline Curls

80 One Arm Preacher Curls

80 Triceps Kickback

80 Overhead Extensions

80 Lying Skull Crushers

80 Dips



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