Wreck It Weekend WOD 8/20/16

This weekend is inspired by Kubo and the Two Strings.  No matter what adventure your on, what trial you must undertake, or what life throws your way, you can preserver no matter the odds!  Believe in your goals, believe in the process, and believe in yourself.  Good luck and crush it out there! Brought to you by the awesome WOD-RX!



The Beetle:

Beetle Kubo

6o Donkey Kicks (Each Side)

45 Lunge Squats 

30 Side Lunges (Each side)

45 Goblet Squats

30 Half Burpess 

45 Second Wall Sit

30 Leap Frogs


The Monkey:

monkey kubo

8o Donkey Kicks (Each Side)

60 Lunge Squats

45 Side Lunges (Each side)

60 Goblet Squats

45 Half Burpess

60 Second Wall Sit

40 Leap Frogs


The Kubo:


100 Donkey Kicks (Each Side)

75 Lunge Squats

60 Side Lunges (Each side)

75 Goblet Squats

50 Half Burpess

75 Second Wall Sit

50 Leap Frogs

July 4th Weekend Workout!

Welcome to 4th of July weekend!  We wish everyone an awesome, safe, and exciting American celebration.  Here’s a challenge for anyone who gets a break from the fireworks!  Brought to you by WOD-RX and our Founding Fathers!


The Thomas Jefferson:

thomas jefferson

200 Jump Ropes or Jumping Jacks

50 Squat Jumps

20 Burpees

30 Pull ups

30 Chin ups

2:00 Push Up Planks

30 Lunges

30 Reverse Lunges

15 – 5 second sprints


The John Adams:

John Adams

300 Jump Ropes or Jumping Jacks

75 Squat Jumps

25 Burpees

30 Pull ups

30 Chin ups

3:00 Mountain Climbers

30 Lunges

30 Reverse Lunges

15 – 5 second sprints

The Alexander Hamilton:

alexander hamiltion

350 Jump Ropes or Jumping Jacks

50 Leap Frogs

30 Burpees

30 Pull ups

30 Chin ups

2:00 Push Up Planks

2:00 Elbow Planks

60 Side Lunges

30 Lunge Squats (Each Leg Forward)

15 – 5 second sprints


The George Washington:

george washington

500 Jump Ropes or Jumping Jacks

75 Squat Jumps

50 Burpees

40 Pull ups

40 Chin ups

2:00 Push Up Planks / 2:00 Elbow Plank (No Rest)

50 Lunges

50 Reverse Lunges

15 – 5 second sprints


Bonus – Benjamin Franklin

benjamin franklin


17 Pushups / 76 Body Squats

17 Burpees / 76 Lunges

17 Pullups / 76 Leap Frogs

17 Sprints (5 secs) / 76 sec Wall Sits

Weekend Workout 6/23/16

Check out this weekend’s workout, inspired by the new Kevin Hart/The Rock comedy, Central Intelligence!  Brought to you by WOD-RX.


The Kevin Hart:

kevin hart

1 Mile Run

50 Kettlebell Swings

50 Body Squats

50 Jump Lunges

40 Wide Pushups

2:00 Planks


The Dwayne Johnson:


1 Mile Run

50 One Arm Kettle Bell Swings (Each Arm)

75 Wide Set Body Squats

50 Reverse Lunges

25 Regular Push Ups

25 Wide Push Ups

25 Diamond Push Ups

3:00 Planks


The “Rock”:


50 Body Squats

50 Narrow Set Body Squats

50 Wide Set Body Squats

75 Clap Push Ups

40 Burpees

75 Kettlebell Swings

4:00 Planks

1.5 Mile Run

Fats: Reality Check

The word FAT elicits some pretty nasty emotions.  We see fat on a nutrition label and instantly become nauseated by the product were holding.  Fat has been demonized by our food industry and cast out as a nutritional pariah for many years.  “Experts” harp on the danger that high fat diets present and lead people towards some fad diet plan that can leave us in a worse position then before.  There is so much confusion surrounding fat and the way it impacts our bodies that is much easier to simply believe the hype and try to cut it out of our lives.  I am here to tell you that fat is not evil.  It does not aim to bloat your body or steal your gains.  It is not attempting to kill you or murder your dreams.  Fat is a very pivotal part of the fitness pie (pardon the pun) that should be utilized to create the healthy body you envision.Healthy-Fats

Lets look at some of the fats that are out there.

Trans Fats:

Like anything, there are good fats and bad fats.  Trans fats fall into the bad category and should be avoided at all costs.  These come from fried foods, processed goodies, and chemically manipulated treats.  These thicken your arteries, cause rapid weight gain, and contribute to many of our diet based diseases.  Avoid those deep fried donuts at every opportunity.

Saturated Fats:

Saturated fat has gotten a bad rap because of its supposed link to heart disease and high blood cholesterol.  Much of the truth has been obscured throughout the years by improper studies or bad information.  Saturated fats actually help to increase HDL Cholesterol (the good stuff).  This helps the body remove cholesterol from the blood and transport it to the liver for processing.  Sat fats also can increase the size of LDL Cholesterol (the bad stuff), which makes it harder for the LDL to breach the arterial wall and cause damage.  As an added bonus, most foods containing saturated fats taste amazing! Most of our saturated fat comes from foods like beef, butter, cheese, land animal fat, eggs, coconuts and cream.  The Health Industry has long stated that these foods should be minimized or avoided but this practice can leave you devoid of ample sources of essential nutrients for over all health.

Omega 6 Fats:

These fats are a form of Unsaturated fat that can help keep you satiated and decrease your risk of heart related illnesses.  However, these fats should be consumed on a limited basis.  This fat falls under the cliche of too much of a good thing can be bad for you.  Omega 6 fats are pro-inflammatory fats.  Inflammation is necessary for our survival but too much inflammation in the body can have dire consequences.  Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and metabolic syndrome have been linked to excess inflammation.  A good practice is to be aware of your Omega 6 intake and minimize the amount you ingest on any given day.  You should keep an eye on your consumption of items like peanut butter or oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil, soybeen oil, fast food, seeds, mayonnaise, and high fat salad dressings. Remember, these are not inherently bad foods.  A lot of them can aid you in your nutrient search.  Just be mindful of how much of this category you are consuming and you will be fine!

Omega 3 Fats:

This is another Unsaturated fat that has gotten a lot of press and good vibes for years now.  These fats are anti-inflammatory and can reduce your risk of all the previously named diseases associated with the heart, mind, and bones.  They can impact brain health and development, help with joint health, and can aid in depression treatment.  Most natural Omega 3s come from fatty fish: herring, salmon, mackerel, halibut, trout, and tuna.  You can also get these fats from some nuts and seeds, like walnuts or flaxseed, as well as different oils, like canola oil or flaxseed oil.  If some of these foods are hard to come by, not available to you, or you just would like more Omega 3s in your life, invest in an Omega 3/Fish oil supplement.  These can greatly bolster your nutrition and help you along your health improvement journey.

The goal of nutrition is to find the mix of foods. supplements, and nutrients that provides the optimal benefit for a person to achieve his or her physical vision and to allow him or her to live an abundant and healthy life.  The balance of fats is pivotal for us to attain the healthy body of our dreams.  All we can do is try our best to minimize destructive behaviors and the consumption of unhealthy foods and maximize positive decisions and increase the use of beneficial nutrients.  Start by simply substituting some healthy fat sources in place of your normal junk.  Try to keep the reasons for your selections in the front of your brain so you are always mindful of your choices and how they will affect your body.  Build on each decision.  After awhile, it will be second nature to choose almonds over nuggets!

Here’s a fat super food list that will help you make the most of your meals!





Macadamia Nuts

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Pumpkin/Flax Seeds


Canola Oil

Almond Butter



Weekend Workout 6/11/16

When’s the last time you had a challenge?  Today is the day!  It’s the good old fashioned Burpee death march.   Prepare to sweat, cry, and beg mercy from your higher power.  This will put your will to the test and challenge your physical and mental fortitude.  Burpees are one of the most grueling full body exercises that exist and it’s time to see how many you can do in 30 minutes.  That is the challenge.  Perform Burpees for 30 minutes and write how many you can fit in to that time frame.  No matter where you’re number falls, know that you’re awesome and the fact that you can do just one Burpee means you are a force to be reckoned with!  Now show yourself what you’re made of!

Level 1

100 Burpees

The Soldier

greek soldier

Level 2

200 Burpees

The Imortal


Level 3

300 Burpees

The Spartan

GERARD BUTLER portray Leonidas, the king of Sparta who, along with 300 soldiers, battles to prevent the  Persian army from invading all of Greece in Warner Bros. Pictures’, Legendary Pictures’ and Virtual Studios’ action drama “300,” distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTION, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE AND TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE STUDIO. NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION


The levels are simply goal markers.  Set a number in your mind and don’t stop until you reach it.  Remember, whatever you make it too in your 30 minutes of grit, you’re a beast in your own right and capable of achieving any damn thing you want.  Wreck it.  Every Day!

Weekend Workout 6/3/16

Welcome to June!  Half the year has already flown by and the summer heat is ramping up.  Let’s get out in the heat and crush another weekend workout!  Brought to you by the amazing WOD-RX and the characters of Overwatch.


The Genji:


15 superman 3 second holds

1:00 Planks

50 Mountain Climbers

20 Burpees

50 Jump Squats

20 Slow Push ups (2 seconds down/2 seconds up)

50 second wall sits

100 Jumping Jacks


The McCree:


20 superman 3 second holds

2:00 Planks

100 Mountain Climbers

30 Burpees

75 Jump Squats

30 Slow Push ups (2 seconds down/2 seconds up)

75 second wall sits

200 Jumping Jacks


The Reaper:


25 superman 3 second holds

3:00 Planks

150 Mountain Climbers

40 Burpees

100 Jump Squats

40 Slow Push ups (2 seconds down/2 seconds up)

90 second wall sits

300 Jumping Jacks

Weekend Workout 5/27/16

In honor of the new X-Men Apocalypse movie, here is your weekend workout!  Brought to you by the awesome WOD-RX!



The Night Crawler:

3 Rounds

25 Push-UPs / 5 Burpees

3 Rounds

25 Squats / 25 Jumping Jacks

6 – 10 Second Sprints


The Magneto:

4 Rounds

25 Push-Ups / 8 Burpees

3 Rounds

25 Squats / 45 Jumping Jacks

8 – 10 Second Sprints


The Apocalypse:

5 Rounds

30 Push-Ups / 12 Burpees

5 Rounds

30 Squats / 75 Jumping Jacks

10 – 10 Second Sprints


Regret: The Poison We Drink Willingly

We tend to spend a large portion of our time and mental power focused on the events of the past.  We constantly ask ourselves, “If I had done X, would Y be any different?”  We repeatedly visit moments in our memories that have hurt, wronged, or injured our psyche.  I have found myself, many times, sifting through the wreckage of my past like a gold miner during the rush.  I pour over each detail with extreme scrutiny and attempt to point out the flaws in a previous conversation, action, or decision.

This introspective review usually occurs at night, before bed and tends to happen almost automatically.  It’s like I have programmed my brain to digest everything I did that day, that week, that year, or even 15 years ago and then analyze my mistakes and shortcomings.  My brain doesn’t seem to recognize time lines and blends all these painful memories or subpar judgement calls into one horror film that I sit through time and time again, without popcorn.  This is mind numbing ridiculousness.  These repeated self-critiques lead to unnecessary anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and guilt.

I feel this is a cycle that most people are caught, destined to continuously regurgitate past experiences in a negative arena that stunts growth and inhibits one’s ability to truly learn.  When all we focus on is what we should have done instead of what can be done now, we lose out on multiple opportunities to become who we are meant to be.  The mental anguish of constantly reliving painful experiences is a completely insane thing to do.

We can’t change anything that has occurred anymore than we can reason with a wasp about its stinging escapades.  We must resist the urge to finely comb our past for discrepancies and, instead, turn our attention to the lessons learned from these “sub-par” performances.  Life, for me, is a collection of lessons.  Each lesson is meant to show me a part of myself that I didn’t know existed or was afraid to understand.  Every hardship, problem, uncomfortable moment, or difficult situation is another opportunity to gain insight into who I am.

When I approach my past from the perspective of opportunity, I don’t feel the same anxiety, fear, and shame that I once did.  I make note of the lessons life taught me in these memories and strive to correct my behavior for future “tests”.  After I have done my objective critique, I release the experience.  I don’t dwell, ponder, or beat myself up over things that should have been done differently.  I remember that the moment is now past and time machines aren’t working yet.  The only thing I can do NOW is to fix what I found lacking and try again tomorrow.

The mental anguish of constantly reliving painful experiences is a completely insane thing to do.

As an example:  Not too long ago, I botched a sales opportunity.  I thought I had everything taken care of and the decision would end in my favor.  It came down to the wire and the prospect wound up staying with the current company.  Why?  I had not expelled all doubt in the program I offered him and didn’t completely understand his exact motives behind his decisions.  At first, I blamed the customer for not accepting my “brilliant” proposal.  I went through every detail for days, making myself sick over the reasons why I lost the account.  I should have been of done A, B, C, etc.  I finally stopped, pulled out a piece of paper, and wrote the words, “What I learned” at the top of the page.  I made a list of my faults, my assumptions, and my mistakes.  I read the list aloud and saw what I had done wrong.  After the reading, I threw the page in the garbage.  What’s past is past.  I now know what I need to do for the next proposal with this client and with any other client in the future.  I chose to take my lesson and let the “should have been pain” go.  The only thing I can influence is the progress I make today.

Let go of the past hardships and poor decisions that you have made.  Take note of how you can improve from the experiences of yesterday and convert those points into actions.  Nothing good every comes from exhausting all the options that could have been taken.  The event has come and gone.  It is time to free yourself from the constraints of the you from yesterday, last week, or last year.  Make a commitment to filing away the person you used to be and the decisions that keep you up at night.  Strive to learn from your mistakes and grow out of those uncomfortable moments.  Focus on today and you will find that life is beautiful when you live for now instead of yesterday.

Weekend Workout: 3/25 Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday everyone!  We hope your weekend is filled with easter egg hunts, family, and a minimal amount of Reese’s peanut butter eggs. If you get some free time and want to test your metal over the Easter weekend, here are a few workouts to challenge your grit.


Level 1:  The Ant-Man


50 Pushups

50 Squats

50 Lunges

0.5 Mile Run

25 Squat Jumps (standing in place)

1 Minute Plank 


Level 2:  The Iron-Man


100 Pushups

100 Squats

100 Lunges

1 Mile Run

30 Squat Jumps

2 Minute Plank


Level 3:  The DeadPool


150 Pushups

150 Squats

150 Lunges

50 Lying Leg Raises

1.5 Mile Run

40 Squat Jumps

3 Minute Plank


Good Luck Wreck It Crew!

Weekend Workout

Each weekend I will be bringing you a different challenge workout.  There will be three levels:  Level 1 – Torturer, Level 2 – Sociopath, and Level 3 –  Behemoth.  Have fun with these workouts and feel free to incorporate any of the exercises/movements into your normal routine.  Push yourself and see how hard you can go!


Level 1: Torturer


8/10 second wind sprints – rest 1 minute in between runs

50 Full-Body Squats

15 Burpees

4 x 25 second rounds of mountain climbers

45 second plank

20 Leap Fogs (squat and then jump as far forward as you can)


Level 2:  Sociopath


8/12 second wind sprints – rest 45 seconds in between runs

75 Full-Body Squats

20 Burpees

5 x 30 second rounds of mountain climbers

1:30 minute plank

25 Leap Fogs (squat and then jump as far forward as you can)

200 Jumping Jacks


Level 3:  Behemoth

hulk behemoth

10/10 second wind sprints – rest 30 seconds in between

100 Full-Body Squats

30 Burpees

6 x 30 second rounds of mountain climbers

2:00 minute plank

25 Leap Fogs (squat and then jump as far forward as you can)

200 Jumping Jacks

100 Pushups


Post your level and time, ask questions, and get inspired by others in the comments below. Do it with a fitness pal for some extra competitive edge!

Good Luck Wreck It Crew!