Wreck It Weekend WOD 11/11/16

Welcome to another weekend of crush city action.  Get out, wherever you are, and take a step in the fit direction.  This weekend is inspired by the trippy Dr. Strange epic.  After a sweat session, reward yourself with some visual barrage of awesome.  Brought to you by the amazing WOD-RX!


The Mordo:


3 Rounds:

10 Wide Squats

10 Narrow Squats

10 Jump Squats

3 Rounds:

10 Wide Push Ups

10 Narrow Push Ups

10 Clap Push Ups

3 Rounds:

25 Crunches

40 Mountain Climbers

30 Second Plank


The Ancient One:


3 Rounds:

15 Wide Squats

15 Narrow Squats

15 Jump Squats

3 Rounds:

12 Wide Push Ups

12 Narrow Push Ups

12 Clap Push Ups

3 Rounds:

35 Crunches

50 Mountain Climbers

45 Second Plank


The Dr. Strange:


3 Rounds:

20 Wide Squats

20 Narrow Squats

20 Jump Squats

3 Rounds:

15 Wide Push Ups

15 Narrow Push Ups

15 Clap Push Ups

3 Rounds:

50 Crunches

60 Mountain Climbers

1:00 Minute Plank


You’re Going to Die and that’s OK

Yea…  I said it.  You are going to die.  I am going to die. Everyone is going to die.  This is the ultimate guarantee that we all get once we pop into existence.  We are part of the mortal wheel and nothing you do will stop your inevitable last breath from being taken.  Not like Liam Neeson Taken where he will get it back for you.  Taken like the Bernie Madoff investment fraud scheme taken.  Sure, you can attempt to prolong the gift of life by living a healthy existence.

Eat whole foods, don’t smoke, exercise, stress less , laugh more, and be a good human to other humans.  Alas!  The death train will still arrive to whisk you away to the great beyond.  Some of us will be culled before we are ripe and old.  This is a sad fact of life as well.  You can do everything right and still be forced out of this world by shear bad luck or worse…. Karma?

Did this scare you?  Depress you?  Make you want to crawl into bed and simply wait for the inevitable?  It sure as hell shouldn’t.  This information should have the opposite effect.  Think about it.  If you knew the date and time of your impending doom, how many wonderful things would you try to experience before that appointment arrived?  We don’t think about these questions because we live under the guise that our lives will last forever and that we’re invincible.

This delusion causes us to put off getting in shape, learning a new skill, going on that big trip overseas, or simply spending time with friends or family.  We spend most of our time working.  We sit in self absorbed shells as we worry about what other people think of us.  We continuously hold back  and don’t accomplish everything we believe we’re meant to.  We are constantly frozen in fear and routinely let go of our aspirations for a simpler, less scary life.


Scary things are really growth opportunities in disguise.

The point of all this is to show you, point blank, that life is way to short to spend it incredibly unhappy, out of shape, and unfulfilled.  Starting a fitness regimen is the perfect way to get started on a path to a more active and involved life experience.  When you create a solid body foundation, you become capable of enduring life on life’s terms and more world activities become available to you.  Start replacing all those junk meals with some whole foods, lean meats, and healthy fats (eat an avocado for God’s sake!)  The goal of life shouldn’t be to simply make it to old age but to be able to LIVE in your old age.  Bedridden is not an option for me, if I can help it!

Remember that you get out of life exactly what you put into it.  Life will invest in you if you invest in it.  Throw all your chips in and start making some changes that will shape the rest of your brief stay on this marvelous planet.  Try something new each week and do your best to get scared as much as possible!  Scary things are really growth opportunities in disguise.

Be yourself and enjoy the world around you.  Surround yourself with positive people and love unconditionally.  Be willing to be uncomfortable, shaken, and stirred.  There is so much more to life than just being afraid of death.  Treat each day as an opportunity to be the you that you are meant to be!  There is a line from the awesome animated movie Kung fu Panda that resonates with me all the time.  The wise old turtle master said, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.  That is why it is called the present.  When you live like that, your life is truly a magnificent journey.

Regret: The Poison We Drink Willingly

We tend to spend a large portion of our time and mental power focused on the events of the past.  We constantly ask ourselves, “If I had done X, would Y be any different?”  We repeatedly visit moments in our memories that have hurt, wronged, or injured our psyche.  I have found myself, many times, sifting through the wreckage of my past like a gold miner during the rush.  I pour over each detail with extreme scrutiny and attempt to point out the flaws in a previous conversation, action, or decision.

This introspective review usually occurs at night, before bed and tends to happen almost automatically.  It’s like I have programmed my brain to digest everything I did that day, that week, that year, or even 15 years ago and then analyze my mistakes and shortcomings.  My brain doesn’t seem to recognize time lines and blends all these painful memories or subpar judgement calls into one horror film that I sit through time and time again, without popcorn.  This is mind numbing ridiculousness.  These repeated self-critiques lead to unnecessary anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, and guilt.

I feel this is a cycle that most people are caught, destined to continuously regurgitate past experiences in a negative arena that stunts growth and inhibits one’s ability to truly learn.  When all we focus on is what we should have done instead of what can be done now, we lose out on multiple opportunities to become who we are meant to be.  The mental anguish of constantly reliving painful experiences is a completely insane thing to do.

We can’t change anything that has occurred anymore than we can reason with a wasp about its stinging escapades.  We must resist the urge to finely comb our past for discrepancies and, instead, turn our attention to the lessons learned from these “sub-par” performances.  Life, for me, is a collection of lessons.  Each lesson is meant to show me a part of myself that I didn’t know existed or was afraid to understand.  Every hardship, problem, uncomfortable moment, or difficult situation is another opportunity to gain insight into who I am.

When I approach my past from the perspective of opportunity, I don’t feel the same anxiety, fear, and shame that I once did.  I make note of the lessons life taught me in these memories and strive to correct my behavior for future “tests”.  After I have done my objective critique, I release the experience.  I don’t dwell, ponder, or beat myself up over things that should have been done differently.  I remember that the moment is now past and time machines aren’t working yet.  The only thing I can do NOW is to fix what I found lacking and try again tomorrow.

The mental anguish of constantly reliving painful experiences is a completely insane thing to do.

As an example:  Not too long ago, I botched a sales opportunity.  I thought I had everything taken care of and the decision would end in my favor.  It came down to the wire and the prospect wound up staying with the current company.  Why?  I had not expelled all doubt in the program I offered him and didn’t completely understand his exact motives behind his decisions.  At first, I blamed the customer for not accepting my “brilliant” proposal.  I went through every detail for days, making myself sick over the reasons why I lost the account.  I should have been of done A, B, C, etc.  I finally stopped, pulled out a piece of paper, and wrote the words, “What I learned” at the top of the page.  I made a list of my faults, my assumptions, and my mistakes.  I read the list aloud and saw what I had done wrong.  After the reading, I threw the page in the garbage.  What’s past is past.  I now know what I need to do for the next proposal with this client and with any other client in the future.  I chose to take my lesson and let the “should have been pain” go.  The only thing I can influence is the progress I make today.

Let go of the past hardships and poor decisions that you have made.  Take note of how you can improve from the experiences of yesterday and convert those points into actions.  Nothing good every comes from exhausting all the options that could have been taken.  The event has come and gone.  It is time to free yourself from the constraints of the you from yesterday, last week, or last year.  Make a commitment to filing away the person you used to be and the decisions that keep you up at night.  Strive to learn from your mistakes and grow out of those uncomfortable moments.  Focus on today and you will find that life is beautiful when you live for now instead of yesterday.

Total Human Optimization

There is a gross misconception that there is one holy grail answer to all of life’s mysteries.  There is one ultimate solution to all issues.  Whether it is fitness, nutrition, religion, child rearing, education, taxes, government, or any other issue that brings warring sides to battle, each person has his or her own version of the truth.  Here lies the rub.  We live in a world that is ever evolving, changing, and growing, whether we like it or not.  New discoveries are made, an alternative view point on a problem is presented, and questions come faster than answers.  People are quick to choose a side and fight, tooth and nail, to prove that their opinion is fact.  This type of thinking and behavior causes a short circuit in the growth process and inhibits our natural ability to adapt to new information.  When we close our minds to alternative options, opinions, and critiques, we become stale, fragmented, and disconnected.
I view the world in a much less “black and white” fashion.  I try to see all sides of the board when I am playing a game and do my best to understand opposing views.  My reality is a fusion of multiple ideas that converge on one another to create a beautiful mess of information that I can sift through.  I attempt to find new and different ways to expand my thinking and evolve my methods to become the most well rounded human possible.

Lyle Tire

I used to think that weight training was the be all end all form of exercise.  If a person wanted to get strong, lean, and fit, he or she had to lift weights and the gym was my sanctuary.  Eventually, I couldn’t touch my toes or recover from injury quick enough.  I took incredible amounts of supplements to improve my training edge but neglected the natural ingredients from fruits and vegetables.  Protein was my only objective.  I built a body that looked good on paper, but, when put to the test, it crumbled in the functionality department.  I began to wonder if my version of truth was the “whole” truth.

I timidly began to reach out of my comfort zone.  I attended a hot yoga class and added more vegetables to my diet.  I rearranged my supplement intake and focused more on total body movements in the gym.  I started sprinting periodically, as well as researching the benefits of saunas and cryotherapy.  I quickly realized that I was missing a gigantic chunk of the puzzle.  I had been locked in a one sided mentality that caused me to have unnecessary negative ideals about other forms of fitness.  I was instantly humbled in that yoga class, immediately felt the benefits of adjusting my diet, and started to feel more mental clarity after long sauna sits.  The true benefits of health began to manifest once I started playing with all the pieces on the board.  The one size fits all mentality simply does not exist.  It takes a collection of different stressors and an open mind to reach the full potential your
body has locked inside.
Are Optimized Towards Your Health & Fitness Goals? Get Your Free Personalized Assessment From Onnit Now.Total Human Optimization is my goal.  I want to be functionally fit from as many angles as possible.  The world is full of different and exciting ways to test my grit, endurance, strength, speed, and mental focus.  The only way that I can build the body that can handle the world around me is to incorporate an ever expanding list of differing disciplines.  It took me years to realize this irrefutable fact.  You can begin by seeing the whole picture and start placing the pieces that form the best picture of health imaginable.  Don’t get bogged down in one sided views, stereotypes, biases, and ignorance like I did.  Bring together the most holistic fitness approach you can and your body will certainly reward you for it.

If you have a certain goal in mind, like getting big and strong, then focus on the tools needed to reach that goal.  But, don’t neglect the wide array of disciplines that can help bring your fitness to the next level.  Attend that yoga class, check out martial arts training, sit in a sauna, go for a swim, eat a piece of fruit, or take a day off.  Listen to your body.  Expand your mental boundaries.  Explore the wide and wonderful world of fitness.  Find what fits you and Wreck It!

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A Man with No Arms

Its always easy to assume that my situation is intolerable, especially when I have a less than stellar day.  I get lost in my own “pity party” and find excuses for my sub-par attitude.  I often blame everything and everyone else for my string of bad luck.  I forget that 99.9% of my problems are caused by my own dumbassery.  I forget about how amazing my life is and how lucky I am to have the things that I do.  Sometimes I need a little shock therapy to give me some perspective on how privileged I truly am.

bouncy pit

I had the opportunity to enjoy a day at a trampoline park with my brother, girlfriend, and friends.  The entire floor was made of trampolines.  There was a foam diving pit and a jumping dodge ball arena.  It was a child’s dream.  Yet, here we were, a group of grown adults, waiting in line behind an endless sea of 10 year olds for a chance to run, jump, and flip into a bottomless foam pool.  It was amazing.  We found ourselves in the dodge ball course slinging bullets at a string of adolescents.  This was even better.

Eventually, a middle aged black man walked into the arena with his children.  He took his position across from us and prepared for battle.  There was one issue.  This man had no arms.  We looked at each other, rather dumbfounded by the situation.  How were we supposed to proceed?  Do we aim for him?  Of course not!  This dude was missing both of his arms.  No decent human would conceive of throwing a dodge ball at a man missing the key components to actually participate!  I glanced over at the employee supervising this shindig.  He seemed unfazed by this insane scenario unfolding before us.  In the midst of this confusion, the whistle blew.  Game on.

It was truly something out of a movie, or a whacky dream.

Balls began whizzing by as we jumped to avoid the onslaught from the children on the other side.  I jumped closer to my friends to try and figure out this ridiculous scenario.  As I ducked under another foam projectile, I noticed something.  The man without arms was bouncing lightly across from me with his right foot clenching a dodgeball.  I paused for a few seconds for my very slow brain to process the image before me.  SMACK! I was out in an instant.  A ball had crash landed onto the side of my face with some pretty significant force. As I jumped to the exit of the arena, I realized that the man without arms had kick/thrown his dodgeball directly at my head.  He had used some sort of Randy Johnson side pitch form with his leg that propelled the ball violently towards his victims.  It was truly something out of a movie, or a whacky dream.

The armless agent’s team won the round and we all piled in to take our places at the restart.  The whistle blew and one of my friends immediately launched his ball at the two limbed warrior across from us.  The ball landed and the guy seemed shocked that the first ball was thrown his way.  I don’t think too many people throw dodge balls at people missing limbs all too often.  My buddy’s excuse was simple:  the guy was good and the guy had gotten him out last time. #revenge.  With the other teams ace on the sidelines, we easily took the win.


We ended up playing for many more rounds.  Sometimes we won, other times the fingerless destroyer’s team triumphed.  After our bouts concluded, we got a chance to meet the zero ten toed gladiator that had kicked multiple balls into all of our faces.  He was a truly remarkable human.  This man gets dressed, works, makes phone calls, drives, takes care of his children, and brings these kids to the trampoline arena on a weekly basis.  The guy literally didn’t stop smiling the whole time he was playing with us.  I have never seen such a display of positivity, determination, and happiness from someone who had every reason to be miserable and depressed.  He was making the most of the life he was given and the cards he was dealt.  One of my friends even went for a fist bump, out of pure habit, and the guy reached his foot up and gave a strong “foot bump”.  This guy was the epitome of what the word “man” stands for and a true testament to the capacity for a human being to overcome any obstacle life throws in the way.

My worst days are still days that I was able to breathe oxygen, eat food, run a mile, or use my hands.

Whenever I get into a slump, I think back to that dodgeball arena and the armless man that had pegged me on multiple occasions.  I think about his children and the example he shows them every day of how to work through life’s difficulties.  I realize that my life is one of joy, wonder, blessing, and bliss.  My worst days are still days that I was able to breathe oxygen, eat food, run a mile, or use my hands.  Selfishness is own of my major character defects.  My natural tendency is to worry about myself and only myself no matter what is going on around me.  I have to work on a constant basis to train my brain to think of others and put my situation in perspective.  What ever I am dealing with is irrelevant, because there is always someone out there in the world that is doing a lot more with much less than me.  If this no armed man can bring his kids to a trampoline dodgeball arena every week, then there is nothing I, or YOU, can’t do.

Women in the Weight Room

When I walk into a gym, regardless of where I am or what time of the day it is, I know I’m going to find women on every treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike in the building.  But the one place that women rarely go is the weight room. Everyone has a different reason: “I don’t want to get bulky,” “The number on the scale is going to go up,” I don’t know what to do,” or my personal favorite, “I’m too sacred to ask anyone for help.” When I think back, I can remember a time when a few of these questions applied to me. I was sacred to gain weight, I really had no idea what I was doing, and I did not want to look stupid trying to figure things out.

When I was 15 years old, I had gained about 15 pounds and my parents didn’t let it get past me. They asked if I had looked in a mirror lately, or if I really needed another cookie. I know they were not trying to hurt me, but as a teenager, those things stick with you. Shortly after, I got a personal trainer and began to diet. Within one summer, I had lost all the weight I put on, and I actually began to see muscle definition. I still remember the day when I was about to do pull ups, and my mom walked by and told me I looked good. Hearing those words and knowing I had made her proud got me hooked.

In for the next 3 years of high school, I worked out twice a day, ate healthy, and became obsessed with fitness. But I still wasn’t doing it for myself. I loved knowing that if I kept up the way I looked, my parents would be proud and I would be someone that others could look up to.

Eventually, I moved 3 hours away for college, and none of those things seemed to matter anymore. I ate whatever I wanted, drank more than I like to admit, and didn’t step foot in a gym for at least 3 months. Then one day, I decided I’d had enough. I  joined a gym in Monroe, and began eating healthy again. It was a slow process at first, but with time and consistency I started to see results.  I no longer had a trainer, so it was up to me to figure out what I was going to do when I went to the gym.

I still wasn’t doing it for myself. I loved knowing that if I kept up the way I looked, my parents would be proud.

Between bodybuilding.com, Pinterest, Instagram, and the workout suggestion board at the gym, I was able to put together workouts that I enjoyed doing. I’ve never been one to do cardio, so the weight room is where I felt best. I don’t look like a man, or have huge, bulging muscles. But I do have confidence, which is something I never had before. The thought of discovering new muscles on my body fuels my love for lifting even more.

For those of you who have no idea where to start when it comes to lifting weights or having a healthy lifestyle, I have some advice for you.

First off, do not be afraid. Ask questions, look dumb and make mistakes. Trust me when I say it is half of the fun of it. Trying new things will make you realize what you like and what you do not.  Bring a friend with you. Someone who is going to encourage you, help you, and laugh with you when you decide that sumo squats are not for you. Work hard, but never jeopardize your health or safety. Don’t think you can squat 200 pounds your first time in the gym. It is not going to happen.

the number on the scale DOES NOT MATTER. You should never define yourself by what a scale says.

When it comes to food, eat….A LOT. But eat good foods. The only way your body will be able to burn fat is if you are giving it fuel to do so. Anything that was once living and has never been processed is exactly what you need.

Know that it is ok to be sore. Eventually, you will come to love the feeling of your glutes cramping after leg day, or not being able to straighten your arms fully because your triceps are so tight. It is the little things like that, which make lifting weights so rewarding. And the muscles that come along with the soreness make the reward that much greater.

With that being said, the number on the scale DOES NOT MATTER. You should never define yourself by what a scale says. As long as YOU are happy with the way you look and feel, no number or person can bring you down. This is a journey for you. Don’t do it because your parents, friends, boyfriend, or husband say you need to. Do it because you want to be happy, and you want to be healthy.

It is never too late to start. You just have to make the commitment to yourself. In time, being healthy, lifting weights, and eating right becomes a way of life. This can only benefit you in the long run, so why not give it a shot. You might end up loving it.

Guest Post:  Brooke Barringer


brook b


You Will Not Out Work Me

This is the mentality we must adopt in order to find the potential we all have locked inside.  Each person has a Lion locked within his or her soul that is begging to be freed and fed.  There is a resolve, a passion, a ferocity, and a drive that will carry us through any obstacle placed in our way.  It is the heat that rises up the back of your neck when someone says you can’t do something.  It is the burn in your lungs after a hard workout or a long run.  It is the the feeling of complete elation after you accomplish the impossible.  It is the feeling of life rushing through your body.  Release your Lion.  Let the Beast Eat!

“You might be smarter than me.  You might come from privilege. You might have more talent than I do.  But you will NOT out work me!”

– Eric Thomas-

Be determined, motivated and empowered to reach whatever goal you have chosen.  Do Not be outworked.  Do Not compare yourself to others.  You are better than you give yourself credit for.  Let your unflinching work ethic speak for itself.  Life will not be a cake walk.  There will be times of extreme discomfort.  You will be faced with seemingly immovable obstacles and the walls of life will close in to choke your resolve.  Hard decisions will need to be made, sacrifices must be taken, and your will to continue will be tested.  It is forward or fall.  Life or death.  Happiness or despair.  We all have a choice in this wonderful life of ours.  Your work ethic must be an unrelenting monster.  Never allow someone or something to beat you because you didn’t prepare enough, work hard enough, or fight with everything you possess.


We all have one shot to live the life we believe we can.  If you have a dream and it is hard to make that dream a reality, good.  Rise to the challenge.  No matter what, DON’T EVER QUIT.  Never, ever give up on what it is you want out of life.  Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you want, decide on a plan of action, and move forward every day.  When you get knocked down, get back up.  If the day is going bad, be thankful you’re alive and make an adjustment.  Keep your hands up and fight until the bell rings.  Whenever you are afraid of something and that crippling fear starts to constrict your drive, do something.  Anything!

Action is the cure for fear.  Once you take action, your brain has to focus on the task at hand and there will be no time to think about how scared you are.

If you prepare properly, work diligently, act accordingly, push ferociously, and never give up, there is literally no limit to the things you can achieve.  Don’t let the world beat you because you didn’t give it your very best.  Hold yourself to the highest standard you can and work your ass off to meet it.

Be Yourself

Be who you are no matter what.  It is a tiresome game to try and conform to everyone else’s preconceived notions of who you need to be or what you need to be doing with your life.  We are all different.  Each one of us has talents, abilities, interests, personalities, and ideas that can vary drastically from person to person.  It is okay to be different.  It is okay to be weird.  Embrace your own uniqueness and go forth into the world carving your own awesome path.

I worked for years to be the best pretender in the world.  I was chameleon that adapted my speech, attitude, and appearance to match whatever group I was with at the time.  I needed people to like me on a deeper level then I actually realized.  It was almost like the first drug I ever abused.  I sacrificed anything and everything I believed in for the approval of those around me.  I never had my own opinion, I was always agreeing with the majority, and never wanted to be on anyone’s bad side.  This was one of the most exhausting experiences of my life.  I spent all my time trying to be someone else that I lost myself in the process.

I finally realized, after many months of sobriety, that didn’t have to please everyone I came in to contact with.  I don’t have to give a shit what another person thinks about me.  As long as I work to do the next right thing, I can be myself without fear or apprehension.  The funny thing is that most people are too wrapped up in their own mess that they don’t have time to worry about liking me or not.  It is a selfish view to think everyone is constantly watching or judging me.  I love who I am today.  It is this love for myself that causes me to continually search for improvements.  I want to be the absolute best me that I can possibly be so that I may give the best of me back.

No days are perfect and I fall short most of the time.  Yet, it is my effort and intention that really matters.  If I perform the daily disciplines that will lead towards my success as best I can, then the results will take care of themselves.  Don’t ever compromise who you are for the sake of someone else’s opinion.  Each of us can be awesome and we possess amazing talents waiting to be contributed to society.  The only person you need to impress is yourself.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Work as hard as you can every day, be honest, follow through on your word, and help someone else.  These are undeniable principles and, if you practice them, quality people will naturally be drawn to you.  Be tireless in the pursuit of your dreams, passions, and interests.  Don’t take yourself too seriously and make time to enjoy the ride that is life.  As you work to better yourself and find the path that best fits your happiness, you will be amazed by how many people begin seeking out your approval.

What is your WHY?

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

I can not tell you how many times I have started something new and never made it to the end game.  I would be completely obsessed with my new hobby or interest for two weeks, three max.  Then things would inevitably get difficult.  A problem, issue, or complication that seemed insurmountable presented itself and I buckled.  I gave up at the first sign of discomfort.  I was completely unwilling to persevere through the difficulties and I wanted everything given to me without much fuss.  I wanted the gold at the end of the rainbow, without having to track down, capture, and coerce the leprechaun.

This behavior led to a perpetual state of dissatisfaction.  I could never build any self confidence because I wouldn’t finish anything.  I had zero faith in my abilities because I didn’t truly see what I was capable of.  I didn’t grow or move forward as a person due to my inability to look past the pain.  I was utterly stunted in misery.  I didn’t have a strong WHY that kept me sloshing through the muck of life to reach my goals.

The WHY is arguably the most important piece of your success puzzle.  Whether you want to start a business, make a good grade in a tough class, or become physically fit, you have to establish the strongest WHY possible.  Decide your goal, think about what you need to do to attain said goal, and then answer the question:  WHY am I doing this?  Without the most powerful answer you can think of to this question, failure is almost inevitable.  Your WHY is what gets you out of bed at 5:00 AM, pushes you through a grueling leg workout, forces you to turn the page of a text book, or eat a healthy meal over a fast food option.  The WHY is what makes the sacrifice mean something and dulls the pain of the difficulties you will face on your journey.

tom sledge

I encourage you to sit down and write out the reason WHY you will continue through whatever obstacle you may face to achieve your goal.  Memorize it and repeat it to yourself on a daily basis.  You will be surprised after a few weeks of mental conditioning, how automatic your response will be to pain on all levels.  If you can visualize your WHY and the goal you have, then nothing can stop you on your way to victory.

Know this.  You will fail.  There will be days that suck.  There will be times when you ask yourself if all this torture is worth it.  You will want to quit.  You will want to throw on your sweat pants, heat up a hot pocket, grab the ice cream tub, and crawl into bed for the longest Netflix marathon imaginable.  It is just easier that way.

When you feel like QUITTING, think about WHY you STARTED.  Remember that you EARN your body and EVERYTHING else WORTH having.

When the easy way out seems like the best option, remember the WHY behind the suffering.  Think about how far you have come.  Remind yourself that everyday is a blessing and that there is someone out there that is doing more with less than you have.  Say how grateful you are to be alive and tell yourself that the reason you are working so hard is bigger than the pain!  Once you remember how strong your WHY is behind your actions, the barriers will melt away.  You are only hindered by your own imagination, belief in yourself, and the strength of your WHY.  Smash through the pain and find what your’e truly made of.  I think you will be surprised by how strong you actually are and I am willing to bet that, once you have your WHY, nothing can hold you back.  Be unstoppable.  WRECK IT!