Wreck It Philosophy

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It starts with belief…

No matter what you are aspiring to be you have to believe you can actually attain it.  This sounds like a very simple concept because it truly is.  It is one of the most simple principles to know, understand, and practice.  It is also one of the hardest things to execute consistently. It is easy to believe for a week or two and it is also easy to be motivated in your new quest for change when your journey has just begun.  It is easy to endure and believe in yourself when the stars align and the world treats you to a free dinner of rainbows and lollipops.

This belief is killed quickly by hardship, complications, lack of progress, and the king of all: time.  We live in an instant gratification centered society.  We demand improvements and progress to happen in the blink of an eye.  We believe that true change happens swiftly and that the world should bow to our every beck and call.  I am sad to say that this perfect world does not exist.  It is childish to think that we can have the things we desire most without lifting a finger or exerting the maximum effort required for our dreams to manifest.

The only way to change, in any meaningful way, is by doing the best you can every single day.  It takes hard ass work.  Every. Day.  You have to perform the small fundamental disciplines day in and day out.  There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, and no pass go collect 200 dollar spaces to land on.  You have to be willing to set a plan, put your feet in front of each other, and trudge the quagmire of life with the an unyielding vision of your future.  But it all begins with the belief that you can reach your destination.

Thomas Yell

The things that will push you through the rough days, the give up moments, and the I can’t make it attitudes are our reinforced vision and your answer to WHY you are striving for this change.  The WHY behind your adventure is the most important factor in your success.  If you establish the strongest WHY that you possibly can, then nothing will stand in the way of your success.  You will not break, buckle, cheat, take shortcuts, or quit if your WHY means everything to you.  Give yourself no option but success.